Gomme (Norwegian Sweet Cheese)

December 6, 2018
Gomme (Norwegian Sweet Cheese)

Gomme (Norwegian Sweet Cheese) Gomme (Norwegian Sweet Cheese)

“Lefse uten gomme er som grøt uten salt”.

(Lefse wthout gomme is like porridge without salt)

Gomme goes by many names, including gumme, gubbost, and dravle. It’s created by cooking down fresh milk – curds and whey and all – to achieve a soft and spreadable sweet cheese. It’s been around for centuries, perhaps one of the older desserts known, and has had a central place among Norwegian milk dishes. Life on a self-sustainable farm meant a limited supply of cow’s milk during certain parts of the year. Therefore, since gomme was made of fresh milk, it is reasonable to assume it was a highly treasured dish that was reserved for special occasions and high holidays. Continue Reading…

Lingonberry Cinnamon Sweet Buns (kanelsnurrer med tyttebær)

November 27, 2018
Lingonberry Cinnamon Sweet Buns (kanelsnurrer med tyttebær)

Lingonberry Cinnamon Sweet Buns (tytebær-og kanel snurrerLingonberry Cinnamon Sweet Buns (tytebær-og kanel snurrerThere is an intense ruggedness at this time of year when autumn is holding on tightly before winter sweeps through for good. The sky is more often than not a grey hue with gaps of blue sometimes piercing through. The landscape is subdued, quiet even, as it slowly paces toward the end of another season. The fog comes rolling in with more vigor, covering everything in its path in a billowy embrace. It’s a magical time; a window between the end of one period and the start of a new. Continue Reading…

Potato Tarts with Spiced Stewed Apples (potet-terte)

September 12, 2018
Potato Tarts with Spiced Stewed Apples (potet-terte)

Potato Tarts with Spiced Stewed Apples (potet-terte)Orchards have this incredible presence and sense of wonderment that draws you in and envelops you as you gaze among its rows and rows of spectacular fruit-laden branches. An unkept orchard can become a magical arena for the imagnination and the senses to come alive.

All across Norway, regions are brimming with apples from August to November, depending upon the apple variety and climate. The village we live in is just one example of how apples have overtaken many yards. A quick drive through and your eyesight will be drawn to craggy apple trees  dotted with bright reds, pinks, and subtle greens. Even the ground below is strewn with fallen fruit.  Continue Reading…

Sour Cherry Crisp with Almonds and Seeds (Smuldrepai med Kirsebær)

August 16, 2018
Sour Cherry Crisp with almonds and seeds (Smuldrepai med Kirsebær)

Sour Cherry Crisp (Smuldrepai med kirsebær)Sour Cherry Crisp with almonds and seeds (Smuldrepai med Kirsebær)The slender tree branches, laden with luscious, dark sour cherries, seemed in dire need of relieving their seasonal burden. As always, it’s on a first come first serve basis: us or the birds.

As I walked through my friend’s delightful garden teeming full of berry bushes and fruit trees (each with a long history and proclamation to the land which their roots sink deep into), I couldn’t help but begin to recount all of the times my friends and I would use the garden as our own playground when we were little. We would pluck fruits from the trees in such earnest that our hands would be stained, the lower parts of our shirts became makeshift baskets, our conversations became limited as we kept our mouths full of our succulent findings, and our greediness was shown outright as we left with full bellies and more fruit than we could carry. Continue Reading…